Dear researcher,


The committee for the NWO research programme Computational Life

Sciences is pleased to announce its summer school:


             Space, time and the organization of life

     A hands-on summer school for computational life sciences


Audience: PhD students and postdocs


Organisers: NWO programme committee Computational Life Sciences


Congress data: June 19 - 22, 2006, The Netherlands.


Registration is open now. **Registration will close May 31**

Please note that the number of participants is limited (max. 50).

For more information (including programme and how to register), see:



Description: Many properties of entire living systems, ranging from

simple unicellular organisms to humans, can be measured, more and more

quantitatively. Advanced computational techniques are required to

understand both the functioning of single macromolecules and the

emergence of cell, organism and ecosystem function from their



New computational methods for inhomogeneous space and time on the one

hand, and the new biology that structures its own space and time on

the other hand, will be the two intertwined topics of this summer

school. By discussing the two side by side, it is hoped that the

participants will begin to view and even generate new computational

life sciences that deal optimally with space, time and the

organization of Life.