Fourteen international experts in the fields of Systems Biology and the Philosophy of Science will shed light on four themes related to the subject of the symposium "Towards a Philosophy of Systems Biology".

William Bechtel Alvaro Moreno Robert Shulman
David Fell Robert Richardson Achim Stephan
Evelyn Fox Keller Sahotra Sarkar Hans Westerhoff
Jannie Hofmeyr Kenneth Schaffner William Wimsatt
Douglas Kell Olaf Wolkenhauer

Four themes will be discussed:
Theme 1.         Methodology of systems biology
Theme 2.         The role of theory, models and simulation in systems biology
Theme 3.         Organisation in biological systems
Theme 4.         Philosophical foundations of systems biolog

The symposium is organized by:

Hans Westerhoff
Frank Bruggeman
Fred Boogerd

Department of Molecular Cell Physiology
Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences
Vrije Universiteit
Amsterdam The Netherlands

Jan-Hendrik Hofmeyr

Department of Biochemistry
University of Stellenbosch
Stellenbosch South Africa

Contact: F.C. Boogerd