This is the website of SBNL, the Netherlands’ (Dutch) Platform for System Biology 


Dutch system biology groups; for their description click here

Composition of the initiativegroup SBNL

Top Master’s Systems Biology

Dutch National  Course "Systems biology: from ~omics to integrative networks"

Contact for the Dutch Industrial Platform on Systems Biology

Contact for the Dutch Academic initiative on Systems Biology


-Memorandum: a Dutch initiative towards an international System Biology program: SiC (pdf here)

-Notitie: een Nederlands initatief voor een international systeembiologie programma

-Motivation, Programme and List of participants of the November 4, 2002, NWO-ALW brainstorm-workshop

-Presentation at the November 4 workshop

-Report of November 4 workshop


-What is Systems Biology?

-Information concerning the first Netherlands Systems Biology meeting

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The Netherlands

January 18-19, 2004
Molecular Systems Biology Course
Graduate School BioCentrum Amsterdam
Berlin Graduate Programme Dynamics and Evolution of Cellular and Macromolecular Processes



January 20-21, 2004
Second Dutch Workshop on Molecular Systems Biology