BACKGROUND: Systems Biology is the new science that aims at understanding how living organisms function in health and fail in disease.  The new insight is that the important properties of life arise in interactions between individuals, from molecules to cells.  The new point in history is that experimental methodology is now available to look at virtually all molecules and other components of living cells.  Using modern mathematics and bioinformatics to make computer models of what happens in and with living organisms, Systems Biology seeks to understand how molecules are guided to self-organize into complex processes such as the cell cycle, reproduction, adaptation to a variety of challenges, and the formation of complex structures (www.systembiology.net ). 

Both academia and the biotechnological and pharmaceutical industry have realized that the vast amounts of information about individual molecules offered by genomics can only be put to use and lead to understanding through Systems Biology.  Following substantial investments in the Manchester Interdisciplinary BioCenter (MIB, www.mib.ac.uk/ with a brand new building), the Manchester Centre of Integrative Systems Biology (MCISB; (www.mcisb.org/)), and the AstraZeneca Chair of Systems Biology, the University of Manchester is now becoming unique world-wide by also having a doctoral training centre for Systems Biology.  Inspired by the top scientists in Systems Biology in the MCISB, students with a physical science/ engineering/ mathematics background will be teamed up with students from biological and medical backgrounds.  Students from both backgrounds are invited to apply.  They will engage in extensive training, both experimental and theoretical, in Systems Biology in the MIB and in partner groups all over the world.  They have a choice between multiple exciting research projects in many areas of Systems Biology.


STUDENTSHIPS:  10 fellowships are available for the best qualified applicants for 4-year Ph D studentships in this doctoral training centre.  The starting date is October 1, 2006. 



Further particulars of the training programme are on the Web at www.mcisb.org  and www.systembiology.net/dtc.    Further information requests and applications by e-mail to hans.westerhoff@manchester.ac.uk with DTCapp on the subject line.




By e-mail to hans.westerhoff@manchester.ac.uk with DTCapp on the subject line, including a CV, expected degree class and the names of at least 2 academic referees.  In parallel a formal application should be made: see http://www.ceas.manchester.ac.uk/studyhere/postgraduateresearch/fundedstudentships/project7/  



June 15, 2006 later applicants rush!