3rd Workshop of the Yeast Systems Biology Network YSBN

Heidelberg, Germany, October 14, 2004

Location: Villa Bosch, Schloss-Wolfsbrunnenweg 33, D-69118 Heidelberg


New tentative program (www.systembiology.net ; see also http://www.gmm.gu.se/YSBN/; please send in abstracts for proposed contributions to hohmann@gmm.gu.se ).  Please watch this (web) space and http://www.systembiology.net/wffb3rdysbnprogram.htm) for info on transportation (buses from and to downtown)

1000-1030     Stefan Hohmann - Welcome – Introduction to aim and concepts of YSBN

1030-1045     Uwe Sauer - Introduction of the Working Group “Data”

1045-1100     Edda Klipp - Introduction of the Working Group “Models”

1100-1115     Introduction of the Working Group “Training”

Coffee break

1130-1300     Scientific presentations (10 min each strictly plus 2-3min discussion)

  1. Transient responses and adaptation to steady state: Gene regulation from a population perspective - Erez Braun and Naama Brenner
  2. Mass Isotope Ratio Analysis of Intracellular Metabolites by LC-MS/MS: New Roads towards Accurate Steady State and Dynamic Fluxome Analysis - W.A. van Winden, L. Wu, M.R. Mashego, W.M. van Gulik, J.C. van Dam, C. Ras, A.M. Pröll, J.L. Vinke, J.J. Heijnen
  3. Dynamics of the yeast cell cycle interactome - an integrative systems biology approach – Rasmus Wernersson, Ulrik de Lichtenberg, Lars Juhl Jensen, Sřren Brunak & Peer Bork
  4. Increasing fermentative capacity: an integrative approach - Sergio Rossell*, Coen C. van der Weijden, Alexander Lindenbergh, Arthur L. Kruckeberg, Barbara M. Bakker & Hans V. Westerhoff
  5. Impact of Cyclic AMP Signaling on Cell Cycle Progression and Energy Metabolism in Saccharomyces cerevisiae - D. Müller, L. Aguilera-Vázquez, H. Diaz-Cuervo, E. Guerrero-Martín, J. O. Marquetand, P.K. Murugan, A. Niebel, and M. Reuss
  6. Vertical Genomics: from gene expression to function, … and back - J. Bouwman, R.J.M. van Spanning, H.V. Westerhoff, and B.M. Bakker
  7. Discovering Activated Regulatory Networks in the DNA Damage Response Pathways of Yeast Christopher Workman, Scott A. McCuine, Craig Mak, Trey Ideker

1300-1345               Lunch

1345-1500                  Discussion on future plans, funding, scope and organization of YSBN


1500-1645               Open meeting of Working Group “Data”


1645-1730               Coffee break with snacks


1730-1930               Computational Yeast Systems Biology; what do we need, what can we get?  And how? (together with the SBML workshop)

1730: SBML getting to easy exchange of models and modeling capabilities (Andrew Finney)

1745: Silicon yeast (Hans V. Westerhoff and Jacky Snoep)

1800: CoPaSi and modeling environments dedicated to the user (Ursula Kummer)

                1815- 1930 Further discussions

2000:                       Dinner together downtown (at own expense)

The workshop is kindly sponsored by the Klaus Tschira foundation